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Since it was our 33rd wedding anniversary, we decided to drive around. Ending up in Guelph, we walked around and had a bite to eat. This is how it looked. 2013.08.31

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He's got his ride and a cigarette. What more does one need?Stopped in Guleph, Ontario Canada while taking a drive. There is a lot of old architecture here downtown. I'm going to have to make a point to come back and make a day of the area.My lovely wife of 33 years, friend for 40 yearsWhat are you still looking at?What are you looking at?Guiness... Nuff said.Something with a little more contrastThis is Jessica, the restaurant manager coming by to make sure everything is being taken care. Thanks for the attention Jessica. We will return.Lots of space at McCabes for friends and familyNice...Colours against the skyHeading up to the churchNice little pub. Try the pulled pork, I recommend it.Doris spots a new friend outside a restaurantI think she's asking directions. He's not much of a talkerOnly in a university town could you find a club in a turn of the century building. CoolWouldn't the bike be safer inside the entrance?Almost thereStreet level window in the Albion Hotel at the top of the hillNear tthe top and more interesting buildings